Does the CIMMYT Academy student research program fund students?

The student research program matches students who have a scholarship with research opportunities at CIMMYT. CIMMYT Academy student research program does not provide funding.

Does this mean that CIMMYT is now a University?

No, CIMMYT Academy is a collection of educational offerings ranging from trainings of several hours to several months. Students who conduct research at CIMMYT will still receive degrees from their home universities.

Where do I apply?

Opportunities will be published on a rolling basis at https://academy.cimmyt.org. Applications are web based, students can apply directly for the research topic of their choice under https://academy.cimmyt.org.

Who can apply for the CIMMYT Academy student research program?

All interested students are eligible to apply as long as they meet certain criteria
-    Enrollment in a university
-    Funding for travel to the research destination, health insurance and living costs

Who do I contact if I’m not sure about my eligibility or on general questions?

You can contact the student research coordinator via email cimmyt-academy@cgiar.org for more information.

Should I already be enrolled at a university at the time of application?

Yes, CIMMYT can only accept students that are successfully registered at a university. If accepted for a research topic at CIMMYT, you will be required to provide proof of university admission or a letter of acceptance by a university.

How will I know my application was successful?

You will be contacted via email if you are selected for a research topic.

How do I choose my research topics?

All research topics are detailed on the CIMMYT website and on https://academy.cimmyt.org. Applicants are able to see if any of the research topics match up with their area of interest.

Can I propose my own research topic?

CIMMYT can only host students whose research is aligned with CIMMYT core research agenda. These are the topics advertised at https://academy.cimmyt.org.

Who should write my letters of recommendation if required?

Letters of recommendation should be written by your university/academic supervisor.

Which are the steps: Do I select first a research topic, then find a professor at my university for the theoretical research part and then do the practical research at CIMMYT?

Yes, this is the correct way to do it.

What is the timeline for the application process?

Generally, it takes about 1 - 2 weeks until application documents are approved and the student is accepted.

What are the living costs at certain research locations?

You can find the costs for different countries in the ‘cost of living table’ for an estimate of the funding needed

What are the requirements for being accepted?

Students have to fulfill the following:
- Enrollment in a university
- Funding for travel to the research destination including visa costs, if applicable
- Funding for living costs 
- Health insurance 

Minimum Insurance Requirements:

Your Insurance Policy MUST meet or exceed all of the following benefits listed in US Dollars:



Minimum amount acceptable

  1. Medical Benefit or medical expenses

USD 60,000

  1. Medical Evacuation

USD 60,000

  1. Repatriation of mortal remains

USD 60,000