Online Course Scientific Writing and Publishing by Nature Masterclasses


CIMMYT has access to the Nature Masterclasses online course in Scientific Writing and Publishing.

The course is taught by editors from the Nature Research journals and covers the entire scientific publishing process – from writing a paper to publication.

Access is available to students who are on CIMMYT venues. Note that the course focuses on the natural sciences.

Because the subscription is tied to our institution, you must always use CIMMYT wifi or internet, or access our network remotely. This is essential for your course access to work.


  • How to get the most out of the writing process
  • How the manuscript selection process works
  • What happens to your paper after submission
  • What it takes to get published in top journals

How to access?

  1. Click the button 'Visit course to enroll' 
  2. Register on the Nature Masterclasses website in the upper right corner (red bar) using your e-mail.

  3. You will get a confirmation mail in your account and you click on "confirm". You fill in some profile data.
  4. Now you can start learning.