Qualitative assessment of interactions between large and small farmers in Kenya and Tanzania

Description of the topic

Recent empirical analysis from survey data suggests that medium- and large-scale farms may be having important spillover effects on smallholder management decisions, as well as farm productivity and household welfare outcomes. However, more qualitative work is required to understand these spillover mechanisms and the conditions under which they occur. This project will collect such data and attempt to shed light on this important question.


To understand the impacts that medium and large-scale farms have on smallholder neighbors in Kenya and/or Tanzania.

Work expectations

Student would work under the guidance of CIMMYT project leader, but would need to be self-directed and be capable of working independently, as well as part of a team. We would expect to produce a paper from this work. Intern would work closely with CIMMYT scientists in the Nairobi office, but may also work in field data collection.


  • Design data collection protocols, sampling frame & instrument
  • Collect field data
  • Analyze results
  • Write up analysis

Required skills

Student should have a social science background. Survey data collection experience would be helpful. Both qualitative and quantitative skills would be useful.