Maize evaluation and breeding activities

Description of the topic

Participating in the maize evaluation and breeding activities of the Seeds of Discovery Project. Specifically, working on:

  • Preparation of nursery and yield trial experiments
  • Planting of nurseries and yield trials
  • Data collection in nurseries and yield trials;
  • Genotypic and phenotypic data organization;
  • Helping to organize the GRP-Maize germplasm inventory;

Work expectations

Working with people from different countries, culture and background. We expect the student to interact well with our work team and provide support on the activities performed daily in the breeding program. Development of professional and personal skills.

Required skills

  • Be an undergraduate or graduate student in a program related to biology, genetics, plant breeding or plant science.
  • Be available to travel on Mexico to visit nurseries and trials.
  • Be able to work in team.