Discussion Forum after 13th Asian Maize Conference 2018


The discussion forum wants to foster further discussions on topics of the conference, strengthen exchange of knowledge and experiences, connect senior scientist experts, provide a space to continue discussions which started during the conference, provide an open space for scientific discussions and opportunities for networking, document exchange and foster collaboration with Asian stakeholders.
We offer the following discussion groups:

  • Group 1: Novel Tools and Improving Genetic Gains
  • Group 2: Sustainable Intensification in Maize Based Systems in South Asia.

You can attend the discussion groups by reading inputs from other participants, replying to those inputs or posting new topics.

  • Facilitate discussions on strategic approaches around the sessions of the 13th Asian Maize Conference
  • Identify topics for the next Asian Maize Conference in 2021 
  • Identify topics for the agenda and action plan for MAIZE CRP as Priority Research Topics for the CGIAR Research Programs.

How to participate in the Forum?
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