13th Asian Maize Conference


The importance of maize in Asian cropping systems has grown rapidly in recent years, with several countries registering impressive growth rates in maize production and productivity. There are tremendous opportunities for innovations in maize breeding and sustainable intensification of maize-based cropping systems in Asia. International and national institutions engaged in maize research and development are also emphasizing foresight, technology targeting, partnerships involving all stakeholders and capacity development to effectively out-scale innovations for greater impact. Some of the innovations like single cross maize hybrids, nutritious maize (including Quality Protein Maize or QPM and provitamin A-enriched maize), genetically modified (GM) maize, conservation agriculture (CA), small farm mechanization, winter and spring maize area development, specialty corn (including sweet corn and baby corn) etc. offer exciting opportunities for future growth and development of maize in the region.

  •  To assess the regional priorities and niches for enhancing maize production and productivity.
  •  To share experiences and latest information/knowledge on cutting-edge maize technologies among the maize research and development community.
  •  To create general awareness and provide a platform for synergies among institutions and stakeholders for better use of maize as food, feed and 
     industrial crop in Asia.
  •  To develop an innovative and impact-oriented regional strategy and road map through access to and accelerated adoption of resilient technologies, 
     market opportunities, networks, investment priorities and policy guidelines

Expected outputs of the conference

  • National and regional priorities for enhancing maize production and productivity identified.
  • Experiences and knowledge on innovations relating to sustainable maize production and utilization shared among diverse stakeholders.
  • Awareness created for promoting the use of maize for diverse purposes.
  • Synergies and convergence opportunities among maize R4D stakeholders in Asia identified.
  • A regional maize strategy for sustainable food and nutritional security in Asia developed.