Evaluation of grain, flour and bread quality using maize landraces

Description of the topic


        •    Learn about nixtamalization process.

        •    Assess some maize landraces with different grain quality to produce bread.

        •    Networking with CIMMYT scientist and acquire a general perspective of breeding/field work.



  1.     Observe and conduct laboratory protocols to asses maize grain quality.
  2. Observe and do the nixtamalization process in the lab and visit local tortillerias to understand the different processes and products.
  3. Elaborate bread with different proportions of maize and wheat and asses its physico-chemical and rheological properties.
  4. Visit one of the maize breeding programs.

Work expectations

  1. Learn about maize quality analysis techniques available at CIMMYT.
  2. Have full access to CIMMYT laboratories and equipment.
  3. Have sufficient maize samples for analysis.
  4. Acquire data sufficient for publication.
  5. Have a work desk with access to internet and a monitor screen.
  6. Work hours: 9 – 6pm and willing to work late in the evening if permitted.
  7. Daily supervision and full support of laboratory technicians.

Free access to network with people from different departments.

Required skills

  1. General introduction to CIMMYT and Mexican culture.
  2. General introduction to the available instruments.
  3. Knowledge of local nixtamalization processing methods.