Basic Wheat Improvement Course-2021


The Wheat Improvement Course (WIC) was stablished in 1968 to train wheat breeders to face challenges in wheat production and it is a unique professional opportunity for early career scientist in the public and private sector. During the course, we will review core concepts in genetics, conventional breeding, statistics, and the most recent cutting-edge technologies implemented in the CIMMYT’s wheat breeding program.

Participants will directly interact with the CIMMYT’s scientific community. Plant breeding is a science and an art, and this course provides the opportunity for the new generation of breeders to learn the science and develop the art.

  • Provide skills and knowledge for successfully design and manage a wheat breeding program
  • Familiarize participants with CIMMYT's strategic objectives and breeding priorities for developing wheat cultivars.
  • A comprehensive understanding of the breeding method used in CIMMYT and how disciplines as plant Pathology and Physiology, Wheat Quality, Biometrics, Geographic Information Systems and Social Sciences support the breeding program. 
  • Understand and apply new technologies for wheat improvement.