Statistical Analysis for Plant Breeders


Plant breeders are required to have knowledge in many disciplines including statistics. At the heart of plant breeding is designing and analyzing yield trials to rank varieties in order of merit, which make statistics an essential component in plant breeding. Opportunities for refresher training in statistics for plant breeders have reduced.

The Accelerating Genetic Gain (AGG) Project, the Excellence in Breeding (EiB) Platform, and CIMMYT’s Biometrics and Statistics Unit are pleased to announce a three-webinar series in statistical analysis. This webinar series is designed to offer statistical analysis training in areas that are essential to the practicing plant breeder as they strive to improve genetic gains. The training will have both theory and hands-on experience using some of the freely available software. The lectures will be delivered by Scientists from CIMMYT Biometrics and Statistics Unit. The webinars will be held on 23rd, 26th, and 29th October. Lectures will be presented in blocks of 45 minutes with 10-15-minute breaks.

  1. Update maize breeders with knowledge of the recent developments in experimental design
  2. Update maize breeders on statistical analysis of plant breeding trials
  3. Offer hands-on experience in statistical analysis with open-access software